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Sergey Mavrodi Has Passed Away. MMM is put on “pause”


Dear participants, a tragic event took place: on March 26, our leader and ideological mastermind – Sergey Mavrodi – left his life. In the street, he felt unwell and complained of weakness and heartache. A passer-by called an ambulance, Sergey Mavrodi was hospitalized, alas, he couldn’t be saved. Sergey Mavrodi died at the age of 62.

In this regard, the МММ System shifts to a “pause” mode. It is impossible to provide and get help; Mavros don’t grow. In the near future, Administration will take a decision concerning MMM’s future and report on it officially. Hoping for your understanding.

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Attention! Fraudsters are collecting money via fake ICO allegedly on behalf of MMM and Mr Mavrodi


Projects selling cryptocurrency or tokens and carrying out ICO allegedly on behalf of MMM and Sergey Mavrodi have lately become more active.

(For instance:

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Mavro-BTC/Mavro-ringgit and Mavro-ringgit/Mavro-BTC conversion works without errors


What is it about?

When providing help with BTC you can choose which currency will grow: bitcoins or Malaysian Ringgit.

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